Peer Pressure Photography

A Creative Photography to explain the impact of Peer Pressure

  • Posted On: 13 December 2016
  • Author: David Miller
  • Number of views: 1172
Recently I created a peer pressure campaign with a group of finalist from Miss North Yorkshire, this was a day in the studio to explain peer pressure with photography.  There was 12 models myself, Alexandra Devine (Director of Miss England) and Kathy from Ginger Tree Beauty who did the hair and makeup design, the studio was buzzing with activity.  The shoot was split into 3 sections The Experience, The Emotional feelings and The Feeling of Being an Individual.  Each of the models embraced the concept and worked really hard to capture the essence of the campaign.

Why Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure is something that affects everyone in life, young people, middle ages or the elderly experience peer pressure in some for or another.  "I wanted to create an awareness through photography as in the UK, there is very little discussion about this, I also believe that peer pressure can lead to some difficult situations that could be prevented if there was a greater awareness of peer pressure and choices available to us"

This is an ongoing project and study, so more information can be seen by contacting me through my contact us form or updates to this news feed.

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